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Ohemaa Mercy Storms Akosombo With A Spirit- Filled Performance

Ohemaa Mercy Storms Akosombo With A Spirit- Filled Performance

Ohemaa Mercy storms Akosombo with a spirit-filled performance on Sunday 29th August 2021. The musical concert, which was dubbed made to worship, was held at the Akosombo community centre with Ohemaa Mercy as the guest artiste.

Ohemaa Mercy is a Ghanaian contemporary gospel singer with several awards to her name. She has won seven nominations for the 2006 GMA and won the discovery of the year gospel music award the same year. She also won gospel artist of the year, the album of the and gospel album of the year 2008. Moreover, she won gospel artist of the year in Canada and was nominated the best female artist in West Africa the same year.

Africa’s music award in London Ohemaa released her first album in November 2004 titled “Adamfo pa” which brought her into the limelight. Her second album, “EDIN JESUS” was in 2007 and sold 875,000 copies in six months after releasing it, making it the best-selling album of the year. The third album “Wobeye kese” was released in 2011 which again was the highest sold album and topped all the major chat shows in the country.

Ohemaa has performed on major platforms with an electrifying performance that has earned her a huge fan base, and she exhibited this at “made to worship- Akosombo and at her “Tehillah experience which was held on 8th August 2021. “Tehillah experience is an annual event that sits every year. She was reported saying that she had the desire to start it back in 2013 on a flight to California.

Now ministering in Akosombo, the made to worship program which was supposed to begin at 5 pm beginning at 8:00 pm due to the heavy downpour of rain which caused some technical difficulties. The Akosombo community centre is an open place that was drenched in the rain together with the chairs and some equipment’s in it.

Nevertheless, the former artiste of the year did not let that deter her from delivering a powerful ministration. The program began with minister Benjamin Holbrook leading the congregation in worship songs and prayers after the rain subsided minister Holbrook is well known in Akosombo for his strong worship and praise ministration, he is also a member of the lord’s garden omurch Akosombo.

After his ministration, minister Joe Akoto took us through another powerful ministration. He is also a member of the Wesley Methodist church. He is known for leading the Wesleyan youth choir and holding annual events in Akosombo. Minister Richmond Tetteh crowed their performance with his blessed ministration.

The whole auditorium was revived and vibrant despite the damage the rain caused. Ohemaa mercy mounted the stage with her ministers and declarations. The spirit-filled, electrifying atmosphere led Ohemaa to even take off her shoes at a point in her ministration. Akosombo will never be the same after this wonderful experience. She ended her ministration with her song “ote me mu” which let the crowd asking for more. The program ended at 1:00 am with Ohemaa mercy promising to come back to Akosombo.