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Our Markets Are Not Safe Anymore In Ghana

by Vesta Daily
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Our Markets Are Not Safe Anymore In Ghana

For bulk purchases, most of us visit the bigger markets to get foodstuffs that will last a month or two. Apart from that, the prices at the big markets are moderately reasonable for the average earner.

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One of the biggest markets in Accra is Agbogbloshie. In this market, Gh¢50.00 will surely get you enough foodstuffs to last a week because most of the foodstuffs are transported from the indigenous people who are very considerate at pricing.

Unfortunately, heaps of rubbish have been seated at Agbogbloshie market for the past two weeks and no one seems to bother at all. These heaps are seen so close to foodstuffs in a way that consumers will have to slightly adjust themselves in order to make purchases.


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If you ask me, users of the market are firstly to blame. They should have been more responsible for the disposal of waste materials. Some are of the view that Zoomlion will clear the waste so they’d rather litter than act responsibly.

Our Markets Are Not Safe Anymore In Ghana

Secondly, do our markets have enough waste bins to accommodate the level of waste materials being produced a day? If not, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), should kindly put measures in place to resolve this issue.

It’s enough that we’re battling Covid-19 already. Ghanaians shouldn’t take the likes of cholera, typhoid, malaria, or food poisoning for granted. In case we need a reminder, many have died quickly through cholera than other diseases. Food is a basic need for human survival and should be handled with absolute care.

Authorities of the AMA should please organize a clean-up exercise as soon as possible or employ the necessary measures to clear the waste. The more we leave the rubbish seated there, the higher we risk our lives. Afterward, enough waste bins should be provided if need be. In addition, users of the market should be fined for littering or wrong disposable waste.

Our Markets Are Not Safe Anymore In Ghana

I believe the rules governing Covid 19 are as effective as those governing cholera so let’s apply them. Let’s take precautions today before we lose our lives and country to filth as a result of irresponsibility. It’s not too late to start now.

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