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Pioneers Of The "Fix The Country" Campaign Are Soft - OB Amponsah

Pioneers Of The “Fix The Country” Campaign Are Soft – OB Amponsah

Obama Amponsah but goes by the stage name OB Amponsah, is a fast emerging comedian in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. He is a practising optometrist during the day and a comedian at night.

He took to his Facebook page to share his view on how soft the pioneers of the “fix the country campaign are.

Over the months, there has been a fight against the current situation (hardship, economic stagnancy, inflation, insecurity, power outages etc.) which has brought about the call for a national demo, dubbed “Fix The Country”.
On the fixed date to which the youth was to hit the streets of Ghana for the demo, there was an injunction from the police against it.

The pioneers took to social media to have the deme there, while they filed a petition. The matter is still in court, with the pioneers being tossed here and there.

This caused OB Amponsah to give his view on the recent happenings with the pioneers of the “Fixed The Country”.
To him, the pioneers of the campaign are too soft. Adding that, one has to be radical in their approach to change, especially when judicial means seem to stall the progress of the course.

Laying emphasis on some historic demonstrations, some had to die for their cries and pleas to be heard. Adding that, Yaa Asantewaa didn’t have Twitter or any form of internet, but yet, they fought for a change that went global.

The post reads:
“Sometimes, you need to be radical in your approach to achieving change especially when judicial means seem to stall the progress of your course.

Gather yourselves, share placards, hire a soloku band, throng the streets and express your anger.

Some of you may die Charlie, but that’s the only way you may receive the global attention and change you want.

Positive defiance begins where Twitter trends and bureaucracy end.

Don’t ask me to take the lead, I’m not part of the campaign.”