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Portia Gabor Of TV3 Named MTN HERO Of Change for 2022

by Magdalene Abedi
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Portia Gabor Of TV3 Named MTN HERO Of Change for 2022

The multi-award-winning journalist from Media General, Portia Gabor, who was recently named the GJA Journalist of the Year, has now added the MTN Hero of Change award to her collection of honours.

She and ten other individuals have been awarded the MTN Hero of Change, 2022. The citation, 20,000 Ghana cedis, and the newly coined title “Hero of Change” made up the award.

The COVID-19 new virus was the subject of the award-winning journalist’s compelling reporting, at the time it was at its worst and posed a threat to everyone on earth. Portia risked her life to interview a survivor in order to educate Ghanaians about the disease and give them hope for survival at a time when it was wreaking havoc on the world and claiming numerous lives every day.

Portia expressed surprise at the nomination and learned that Yayra Ocloo had submitted her name as someone who ought to be recognized on the day of the awards.

She acknowledged the support of her husband and family, who did not shun her even when she had been in the company of COVID-19 patients but encouraged her to persevere, and shared the experience of needing to take extra precautions to prevent contracting the virus when working in the field.

Fredrick Drah, the first COVID-19 patient and survivor in Ghana, was seen and treated at the Ga East Municipal Health Center. He overcame the stigma that COVID-19 patients experienced at the time and allowed Portia to share his story.

In addition, she dedicated the honour to the frontline healthcare professionals who, according to her, provided her with access to crucial information at a time when everyone was still trying to understand the novel virus, when there was no established treatment, and when the modes of transmission were still up for discussion.

Portia had nothing but admiration for her team and gave special thanks to the cameramen Prince Affum and Phillip Katsitiku as well as the entire management and employees of Media General who helped her with her work throughout the time period under consideration.

“I feel humbled by the female pacesetters in the industry, Gifty Afenyi Dadzie, Dr Joyce Aryee…” who she admits has personally congratulated her.

Portia Gabor, who is overjoyed, has positioned herself as a guide for young people who want to pursue careers in journalism by taking advantage of this unexpected but well-deserved distinction. The trip ahead to have a greater impact on society is acknowledged by her own words: “The result of hard work, is more work.”

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