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Power Of The People

by Vesta Daily
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Power Of The People

The mind is a powerful tool that can make and unmake a human. There are indeed a few things that have power than people and the mind seems to be one of such.

The way society programs the minds of its inhabitants determine what the people believe, do and accept as right or wrong. The power of the people has always been under used in our part of the world where outspoken individuals are seen as disrespectful while timidity gets praised.Education is a necessity to drive home the understanding we need as a nation.

The people of Ghana must be made aware of the need to hold leaders accountable for their words and actions. “The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power” Wael Ghonim.
“Contrary to what we, the people, have been told, we are the power; we have supreme authority because we are the masses and true power always resides with the masses, never with the global elite who, by their very nature, have always been a vulnerable minority and will always continue to be…As long as the masses realise that, of course.” James Morcan.

I see the time as right, when we the people rise above the limitations imposed on us by our votes and acceptance to transfer power to others who never see our worth when elected.

Political leaders must be called into the box where they have placed us. They must be told how uncomfortable the place is for the ordinary person. We cannot continue to conform to the standards set for us when we are the power givers.

The people must speak against and hoot at silence, they must show anger at the sight of timidity and call praises on the brave, who hates political stupidity.

The people must ride along the yards of accountability and call it home, to serve their own purpose and not the purpose of the very people who count them among their “foolish folks”.

Ghana and Africa is expected to be a solution giver to the world and not a problem as we currently see. The governments have failed the continent, should the people fail her too?

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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