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Rawlings Roars At Military Deployment To Volta And Oti Regions

Rawlings Roars At Military Deployment To Volta And Oti Region

The formal president H.E Jerry John Rawlings  in a post has indicated his dissatisfaction about the heavy military and security deployment to the two regions.

In his view “The presence of the military and other security agencies in some parts of the Volta and Oti Regions is generating animosity especially among innocent citizens whose basic way of life is being disrupted”.

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This he believes will harm the process at a whole and reduce the attraction of people to the registration centers.

He went on to say that, “The deployment along the borders at peacetime especially at this particular point in time has created so much suspicion and will call for a lot of intelligent flexibility and diligence.

The COVID-19 restrictions have created enough difficulties for most of our citizens. Let us not make it worse with overbearing and intimidating behavior towards our border dwellers whose livelihood solely depend on activities along the border.

Ahead of the voter registration exercise and the December elections, it is important that we demonstrate a sense of fairness and justice to all individuals and groups of people whilst maintaining the integrity and the sanctity of the process”.

His expressions however has attracted discussions along major peace and security concerns during these important times.