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Reasons For Dismissing Minority Leaders Disclosed – NDC

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Reasons For Dismissing Minority Leaders Disclosed - NDC

The leadership of the minority Members of Parliament were dismissed by the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The reasons why the NDC dismissed their leadership in parliament are yet to be made known, which is not unusual. However, the action by the largest opposition party is generating a lot of rumours among its rank and file. The fact is, the dismissed personalities, like Lawyer Haruna Idrisu etc, are equally a force in the party. Therefore, the inability to handle the transition of leadership may not auger well for the party.

Analysis of personalities dismissed and those appointed.

It is interesting to note that the personalities dismissed are from the strongholds of the largest opposition party. The minority leader is from the Tamale South Constituency in the Northern Region of the country, which is a traditional stronghold of the NDC.

The deputy minority leader is equally from a constituency and region popularly known as the world bank of the opposition party. The constituency of the deputy minority leader is Agortime- ziope constituency in the Volta Region.


The newly appointed minority leader, Atto Forson, is from the Central Region of Ghana. The region is traditionally a swing region, and candidates who win the region mostly win the national elections. The deputy minority leader that is newly appointed is from the Ellembele Constituency in the Western Region. The region is equally a swing region and political parties hoping to win a national election must win the region.

Another region the opposition party might have decided to appoint its parliamentary leaders from both the Central and Western Region is because the regions are predominantly Akan regions. The opposition party has the wrong tag of a non-Akan party. This perception undoubtedly affects the fortune of the party in the region. Since the election 2024 is a must-win for the NDC, scheming to debunk such an assertion is paramount over any personality in the party.

Another possible reason for changing the leadership is to appeal to the galamseyers. It is a fact that current leaders of the opposition in parliament do not have activities of galamsey going on in their constituencies. Deluding galamseyers that the core leadership of the opposition are from their constituency and so could help their situation when they win power is a powerful tool to play on the minds of the galamseyers.

In conclusion, the overriding reason for the change of leadership by the NDC in parliament is, probably, a scheme to win an election having been assured of votes from their strongholds. Now is the time to appeal to the swing regions, hostile tribes and galamseyers.


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