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Reasons To Choose Telegram Over Whatsapp

by kwameDoh
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Reasons To Choose Telegram Over Whatsapp

It is without a doubt that most smartphone owners have a lot of social media applications which is mostly referred to as ‘apps’ on their phones but then again, it is without an atom of doubt that one of the apps people cannot do without is ‘WhatsApp’.

Yes, your guess is as good as mine. What’s app is inarguably the most engaged social messaging app in usage. It is usually said that WhatsApp has more users(1.3 billion users) than all the other social media platforms such as Instagram, snap chat, Twitter, telegram and even Facebook who is the giant corporation of WhatsApp. Despite its vast userspace, it has some cons as is expected of everything under the sun. Though its pros exceed its cons, some people have chosen to rather roll with other media platforms.

As many things have substitutes, WhatsApp is no exception. A very competent social media substitute for WhatsApp will be no other than Telegram. Yes! Telegram!  Even though WhatsApp is about four (4) years older than telegram, it’s a close substitute for WhatsApp.

Whatsapp came into being in the year 2009 and telegram 2013. So how then can it be said that telegram is the closest substitute for WhatsApp? Most users are even making good use of telegram and neglecting WhatsApp.

Let’s delve into some reasons users prefer telegram to WhatsApp.

To begin with,  file transfer is one of the greatest uses of social media. Telegram is not limited by format, unlike WhatsApp. The transfer of audios, files, images, gifs, pdfs among others can be sent up to a maximum of 1.5GB while WhatsApp can offer a maximum of 16MB which even supports only audio and video.

To add up, self-destruct timer mode on telegram can be programmed to automatically permanently delete the chat from both ends after a set period of time. This privacy hack can come in handy when one doesn’t want to have something they said to come back to bite them where the sun doesn’t shine.

One can argue that the other end can screenshot and still use as a tool to come back at the victim but guess what? Once the other end screenshots, there’s a notification sent to the other end.

In light of these cool features, many of which have not been mentioned, it goes to show that TELEGRAMis in a league of its own and WHATSAPP the darling of chat has to play catch-up.

Author: kwameDoh

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