Home News Recent Involvement Of Teenagers In Ritual Murder – Leo Deh

Recent Involvement Of Teenagers In Ritual Murder – Leo Deh

by Vesta Daily
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Recent Involvement Of Teenagers In Ritual Murder – Leo Deh

To start with, these kids are just mirroring the lapses in our systems and structures as a nation.

There are several of their kind at home but maybe they haven’t gotten a target yet. I am personally upset that these kids have been arrested for their vulnerability and naivety.
As far back as 2011 and 2012, when there wasn’t such an influx of TV STATIONS, I recall Metro TV allowing some occults and ritualistic on their network. These folks came to chant money on live TV.

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Fast forward to 2021, when there has been a progressive influx of TV STATIONS; most of which are owned by ritualists, Kids are now reproducing what they have been receiving all this while. As we say, Garbage in Garbage out.
Aside from the presence of these ritualists on TV, radio, and social media, some have huge Billboards in town. Others make posters and paste them all over. Some even to go the extent of calling people randomly on phone to introduce them to their means of wealth acquisition.

To date, even some adults receive anything from TV, radio, and social media as the truth and ideal. Despite the freedom of the press practiced in the country, we could and should have streamlined the media space and set certain parameters to save the naive and vulnerable in the society. Unfortunately, here we are today; Allowing anything on live TV, forgetting that there is a generation to protect and nurture rightly. Studying research methods as a course in the university, I learned that one source of knowledge is tenacity. It is explained that some people turn to believe something as truth once they hear it consistently over a period of time.

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It further explained that despite the existence of proof contrary to what they have heard or seen, they stubbornly cling to the knowledge they have acquired. Interestingly, what I learned is perfectly true in our society.
Once these kids keep seeing and hearing that there is a perceived easy way out to achieve wealth without the “stress” of going to school, they would surely opt for that.
The authorities owe the younger generation an apology for feeding their minds with chef, falsehood, and laziness by way of allowing deception in the media space.

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I am not a prophet but Mark my word; if this menace is not properly checked, there would be so many employment avenues in Ghana in 15- 20years. Not because the government would be creating more jobs but because a chunk of the youth would be so much interested in making money in the shortest possible time rather than going to school and finding a decent job afterward.

We owe ourselves the responsibility of making sure that the next generation is safe, sound, fixated on the right things, and closed to deception and falsehood.

If 16 and 17-year-old boys who should be in school are killing for money, then I don’t feel safe.

Another source of fuel to this creeping menace is the unquestioned wealth young people are displaying all over town. Now, Mercedes C class has become the new Corrola. Young men and women are living flamboyant lifestyles and no one cares where this wealth was gathered from.

The vulnerable and naive ones see these things and begin to see education as a waste of time because they know that wealth wasn’t gathered through anything that has to do with education.

The danger is looming.
We are both the problem and the solution.
We either act now or sit and watch everything fall apart.

Ghana must stand.

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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