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Royalhouse Chapel Opens New Health Bay (Clinic) For Members

by kwameDoh
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Royalhouse Chapel Opens New Health Bay (Clinic) For Members

The Apostle General, Sam Korankye-Ankrah founder and general overseer of Royalhouse Chapel International has opened a new health bay (clinic) for its members.
The health bay will have top doctors from leading hospitals, experienced nurses and an ambulance on standby.

Sam Korankye-Ankrah made it known that there are four main cause of death. They are:
1. Death through poverty.
2. Death through ignorance.
3. Death through family altars and satanic manipulations.
4. Natural death; which has to do with old age.

People die simply because when the sickness started showing up, they didn’t have money to go to the right hospitals to talk to doctors until the sickness increases and goes beyond rescue. A lot of people die within this category with regards to the poverty rate in the nation.

The death of ignorance is where patients take drugs out of doctors prescription. In the sense that medication meant for 5 days, they’ll take only 2 days just because they’ve seen an improvement in health. Forgetting that, taking it for the whole 5 days will fully extinguish the virus or disease.


The third group are those killed by demons out of spiritual carelessness. Not taking part in spiritual activities, and opening their lives for attacks.

The fourth group die because it’s their time. And people in this category are few.

He admonished the church to patronise this work. Adding that, the doctors volunteering are top doctors practising at Korle-Bu, 37 Military Hospital, Ridge Hospital, Lekma Hospital and Legon Hospital.
If they don’t access this for free, it’s the same doctors they’ll go and meet at a fee as well as joining long queues when they visit the various hospitals.

Medications that will be available at the bay will be the First Aid drugs for various ailment and drugs for the aged.
The drugs and consultation at the health bay will be at a zero cost.

“When you’re asked to do any test, do it, and send them the report the following Sunday. Based upon the report of the test, they’ll prescribe a medicine that will heal you and keep your life long. Don’t die poverty death, don’t die ignorance and foolish death. Don’t allow the witches and demons in your father and mother’s house to kill you before your time.” He added.

Author: kwameDoh

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