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Russia Shall Be Subdued – Apostle General Sam Korankye-Ankrah

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Russia Shall Be Subdued - Apostle General Sam Korankye-Ankrah

On Sunday, November 6th 2022, the founder of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah in service at the Oil Dome prayed and interceded for the nation and also prayed about the ongoing Russia and Ukraine brouhaha.

“Lord save our nation, save us oh Lord. Help our leaders. Let righteousness and the fear of the Lord return. Show us your mercies of God, I intercede on this holy altar. Hold our nation and families. Let there be stability. Show us your glory this week. We sprinkle the blood at the four corners of this nation. Take up the centre stage in every family house and in every individual’s life,” he interceded for the country.”

He also committed the affairs of the jubilee house into the hands of the Lord, “We sprinkle the blood at the four corners of this nation and we secure the Jubilee House, we ask that Jesus will be enthroned at the centre of our affairs. You have brought us this far by faith, your love and mercies. Let’s us cross this one also, and bring us to the end of this trouble.”

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah also prayed for peace to reign between Russia and Ukraine.
“Our God will arise. We bring Russia to its knees. We bring Ukraine to peace. Peace be still. Our ears will hear good news”

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in a major escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian War, which began in 2014. The invasion has likely resulted in tens of thousands of deaths on both sides and caused Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, with an estimated 8 million people being displaced within the country by late May as well as 7.7 million Ukrainians fleeing the country as of 18 October 2022. Within five weeks of the invasion, Russia experienced its greatest emigration since the 1917 October Revolution. The invasion has also caused global food shortages.

In a recent development, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he believes Russia is preparing for new assaults on Ukrainian energy infrastructure. He also believes that Russia was concentrating forces and means for a possible repetition of mass attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure.

In his prayers, he stated that just like Covid-19 the Ukraine-Russia war shall also pass, “Lord you are worthy, in time of crises and troubles you release prophetic, anointing and the word. When you say “thus saith the Lord, hear the word of the Lord”, we know there’s hope.
Thank you father, that in the covid-19 time you held us by the word, power, anointing and glory. We thank you that this one also shall pass. Ukraine shall know peace, Russia shall be subdued.”

Author: kwameDoh

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