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Sammy Gyamfi’s Inconsistency Glaring In His Weak Defence For Their Running Mate

by Vesta Daily
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Sammy Gyamfi's Inconsistency Glaring In His Weak Defense For Their Running Mate

Something tickles my fancy as regards the defense Sammy Gyamfi put up today concerning the claim that Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang did not sanction the cancellation of the allowances for teacher trainees but Mahama did.

He also said it was a wonderful policy that was replaced by the student’s loan fund. It was the NPP that exploited the loopholes in its communications and twisted it for obvious reasons, he claimed.

Let’s dig into what he said. Let us assume without admitting that John Mahama had it scrapped because it was of a nuisance value.

Is it not ironic that a policy which was a drain on our purse for which reason it had to be dispensed with now finds favor in the eyes of the very man who found it abhorrent?

It was a bad policy and Mahama decapitated same, President Akufo-Addo restored it, why are they saying that they would not scrap it again since it has always been unhealthy to our economy?

They have lost track with logical reasoning as taught them in schools. If logic were still an integral part of their politicking, they would not have reversed the principled stance they took yesterday.

The bottom line, they have no message. They have a poor running mate. They have a decrepit team. They are only hanging on to straws.

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