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Scientific Rigging of 2024 Election Possible with Ghana Card

by Vesta Daily
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Scientific Rigging of 2024 Election Possible with Ghana Card

Today, Prof. Attafua himself said on Asempa that Biometric Data and Personal Data collected by NIA are for sale despite Data Protection Laws.

He said if your village Chief wanted all his subjects it was easy; if he came to NIA, for a fee their database can pick out a his subjects for him…

The NIA is striking deals with Banks, Telcos and other entities to farm out our personal data collected by NIA during the registration process for money he claimed was going to be a revenue stream for government..

Miscreants at the EC or other entities that the NIA shares its database with can manipulate the data for their purposes…

Mr. Bossman Asare, the Deputy Commissioner of the EC who said that the NDC is a threat to Ghana’s democracy, will have the highest clearance level to access the personal Data of Ghanaians on the GhanaCard and the EC database that will determine which Ghanaian is cleared to vote on 7th December, 2024.

The EC Biometric Verification Devices to be deployed on 7th December, 2024 will be determined by the EC including Mr. Bossman Asare…

The calibration of the Biometric Verification Devices and where to deploy each specific machine will be determined by the EC including Mr. Bossman Asare…

GIGO: Garbage IN, Garbage OUT.

Machines such as the BVDs are programmed and process information based on calibration and information provided by certain algorithms…

So if, a village Chief can have his entire tribesmen segregated by an algorithm, likewise various blocs of individuals can be segregated by complex algorithms…

If an anti-NDC person gains high level clearance and has the motive and opportunity to segregate several clusters of persons likely per demographic and other data to vote for the NDC in the 2024 election, it is possible for such a person to Scientifically manipulate the data or the equipment to effectively disenfranchise such persons on 7th December, 2024.

This may seem to some as far-fetched but with the current desperation to force the GhanaCard EI through Parliament and the desire of the NPP to Break the Eight despite the excruciating economic hardships Ghanaians are suffering.

An explosive leak of tens of thousands of documents from the defunct data firm Cambridge Analytica exposed the inner workings of the company that collapsed after the Observer revealed it had misappropriated 87 million Facebook profiles including personal data.

More than 100,000 documents relating to work in 68 countries laid bare the global infrastructure of an operation used to manipulate voters on “an industrial scale”.

Christopher Steele, the ex-head of MI6’s Russia desk and the intelligence expert behind the so-called “Steele dossier” into Trump’s relationship with Russia, said that while the company had closed down, the failure to properly punish bad actors meant that the prospects for manipulation of future elections were even worse.

The suspicious haste with which Ken Ofori-Atta found the GHC10MILLION for the GhanaCard when he could not pay for urgently needed baby medicines, he did not want to pay Pensioners their own money invested in government bonds and is defaulting in payment of debts accrued from his binge borrowing cannot be overlooked…

Ghana is bankrupt and currently going begging for Debt Forgiveness and cancellation or rescheduling of its unsustainable debt…

Ghana has been urged to cut expenditure especially unnecessary expenditure like the GhanaCard…

Government has been advised to cut its size to save cost as a prerequisite for Debt restructuring…

The Akufo Addo-Bawumia government which is bent on Breaking the Eight at all cost, is reluctant to cut down the size of the Government nor expenditure.

Ghanaians are determined to change their destiny on 7th December, 2024.


Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

President Akufo Addo’s Independence Speech will be scrutinised ahead of his State of the Nation Address…


Recall: Joe Anokye’s alleged role in 2016 Election, deportation from Kenya ahead of their Election of Joe Anokye and Peter McManu and their joint role in the 2020 election…


Say No To GhanaCard CI by the EC.


Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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