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Friday, June 9, 2023

Soldiers Invade Ashaiman Over Death Of Their Colleague

Netizens of Ashaiman-Taifa, a suburb in the Greater Accra Region have been allegedly brutalized by military personnel. This comes after one of their soldiers was killed by the people on Saturday, 4th March 2023.

The soldier identified as Sheriff Morro was killed on Saturday by unidentified gunmen, prompting soldiers to invade Ashaiman Taifa.

The soldiers have terrorized the local populace, causing fear and panic, and have physically assaulted residents in the neighbourhood.

The soldiers attacked and abused the netizens in the early hours of Tuesday, 7th March 2023. As a result, both employees and students have confined themselves to their rooms out of fear.

In some social media videos, people can be heard screaming while being beaten and manhandled by the soldiers.

In other images, locals can be seen being forced to roll around in the muddiest puddles that the morning showers left behind.

Ernest Norgbey, Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, verified to Starr FM in Accra that it is an “unofficial curfew”.

According to reports, people who disobey military orders are flogged and mistreated.

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have not yet offered a statement on the situation.

Although some Ghanaians have praised the military for their conduct, others are not pleased and have condemned them for adopting this tactic.


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