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Spice Up Your Kitchen With These Techniques

by Vesta Daily
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Spice Up Your Kitchen With These Techniques

We know how hectic cooking can be when you have a lot of things on your plate.

Also, it’s easy to run out of ideas to save you a tasty meal so we’ve come up with these tips to help spice up your kitchen.

1. Soak beans overnight or 3 hours before you cook to save time and gas.
2. If you couldn’t soak beans before cooking, slice some onions into it to quickly soften the beans.
3. When cooking, add lemon juice to absorb some amount of gas.

To reuse an oil, fry fresh ginger in the oil to remove old scent or smell.

Put a wooden ladle across your pot of soup to avoid spilling over.

When okro is boiling, pour some palm kernel (adwe ngo) into it to make it slimmer.

Smear turmeric powder on fresh fish to remove the fishy smell and drive flies away.

Tumeric powder has great health benefits and very suitable for cooking.

Add a reasonable size of carrot to other vegetables boiling for goat light soup. Blend everything afterwards for a tastier meal.

Soak rice in warm water for a minimum of 15 minutes to remove excess starch.

Add ripe plantain to palm nut when pounding. This makes your soup tastier.

🎍 Always keep aloe vera in the kitchen to quickly treat burns without any trace of scars.

I hope these were helpful. I will be glad if you share your experiences with me.

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