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Stampede At Olembe Stadium In Yaounde

Stampede At Olembe Stadium In Yaounde

Stampede at Olembe Stadium in Yaounde, following the African cup of Nations match between Cameroon and Comoros on Monday 24th January 2022, people have been reported to have died and others injured outside the Olembe stadium as a result of a stampede.

The stadium had a capacity of about 60,000 but due to covid restrictions, the place was not meant to be full. Reports note that about 50,000 people were trying to attend the match between the host nation Cameroon and Comoros.

Video footage circulating showed football fans struggling to access the Olembe stadium.

At least 6 people have been reported to have lost their lives and according to the governor of Cameroon’s central region Naseri Paul Biya “there may be more casualties”

However, the confederation of African Football has released a statement to confirm the incident with investigations to be conducted to know what led to the incident.

Parts of the Confederation statements read “CAF is currently investigating the situation and trying to get more details on what transpired. We are in constant communication with the Cameroon government and the Local organizing committee”