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Stanbic Bank Mistakenly Arrest One Of It's Customers And Later Offers GHC 1,000.00 As Compensation

Stanbic Bank Mistakenly Arrest One Of It’s Customers And Later Offers GHC 1,000.00 As Compensation

A gentleman by the name of Ben Ankomah-Appiah has narrated his ordeal with Stanbic bank and is also seeking help from the General public. I made mentioned that he went to the bank to redraw GHC100.00 and was arrested without being told his offence of which he had to stay in the police cells for days.

Below is his narration.

I went to the ATM machine to withdraw my last ₵100 but could not so I decided to go to the Stanbic Bank Ghana (thats my bank) banking Hall to do the withdrawal.
When I got there, the teller told me that my account has been frozen so I should wait. About 5mins later, two staff of @stanbic Bank Ghana came with police officers to arrest me. At that time, I didn’t know what was going on but I was taken to the Police station. I wrote my statement as I have written above and was put in a cell after.

I still didn’t know what I had done but I stayed in my cell for more than 24hrs. Later I was permitted to call a friend and she came with a lawyer to bail me. As at that time, no @stanbic bank official had told me anything.

I went to work and I was told by my boss that Stanbic Bank says I have used my account to withdraw ₵4,800 from their client which was never true. Later, my boss gave me a lawyer and we sent them a letter. That was when an employee of @stanbic bank told me they were sorry and it was a mistake.

The guy offered to pay ₵1000 as the lawyer’s fee and I said no. Unfortunately, the lawyer told me before we could pursue the case, I have to pay ₵3,000 and some court charges but I couldn’t afford that.
@stanbic bank has also decided not to mind me but I am left in a state of dilemma.