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State Of A Building Construction At School Junction
State Of A Building Construction At School Junction

State Of A Building Construction At School Junction

The state of a construction work on a 6 storey building has sparked conversation on the social media recently.

This is a building located around School Junction at Ashaley Botwe in the Adenta Municipality. The contractor has reached the 6th floor, and all indications points out that another floor shall be elevated again.

The state of the building is not depicting a place of safety. In that people keep questioning how strong it’s foundation and pillars are.

It has attracted public attention on social media and some have started talking about safety and structure integrity.
Others think there is nothing wrong with the project.


For instance @Kwame Gyan writes on Facebook: “Last time I checked, they were up to the 5th floor. Took this photo from @Yaw Pare and they are up to 6 now. There is no indication they will end at 6. It appears to be part of a larger building. But for now, we only see this going higher and higher like the Tower of Babel. I am no Engineer but my common sense tells me something isn’t right.”

“We are waiting till it collapses and kills people then we start to cry and blame someone, anyone.”

Yaw Pare Photography on his part wrote: “Saw this babel looking tower yesterday on the School Junction Road, wondering if I am the only one with Heblews concerns about it or I should go to Jalamia?
But on a serious note it looks like something with a distorted structural integrity.
Anyway let me go find some landscape picture to take and”