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STC Yard In Ho Attacked
STC Yard In Ho Attacked

STC Yard In Ho Attacked

At about 2 am this morning, Tuesday 29th September 2020, an Intercity STC minibus was set ablaze by some people believed to be members of the Western Togoland secessionist group at the STC yard in Ho in the Volta Region amid the firing of gunshots

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It was said that they also attacked some drivers who were spending the night at the bus terminal.

One of the drivers said that when they stormed the bus terminal, the attackers pointed a gun at him and asked him to go down on his knees.

They were said to have set the minibus ablaze in the operation which reportedly happened between 1 am and 2 am.

The suspects reportedly stormed the yard, threatened the security guard, drivers with their guns, and carried out their activities.

The drivers sustained minor injuries.

Security personnel made up of police and the military have since visited the yard and secured the place.

The attackers reportedly did not give a reason for their action but one of the drivers said he saw a flag similar to what the secessionist campaigners have been carrying around as Western Togolanders.

The management of the Intercity STC in Ho have temporarily halted operations in Ho and have explained that buses cannot move Tuesday morning.

Some of the drivers said they have been traumatized by the incident.

Tuesday dawn’s incident follows a similar one last Friday where some 31 suspects said to be part of a secessionists group have been remanded by an Accra Circuit Court into BNI custody for two weeks.

They have provisionally been charged with conspiracy to attend a prohibited meeting, unlawful gathering, and rioting.

They have all pleaded not guilty