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Strategic Planning: The Political Solution To Educational Lapses In Ghana


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–  All nations across the globe have their peculiar problems which cannot be disputed.

–  The fact that nations such as the USA, China, UK, Japan and other developing countries project strength despite their domestic and foreign problems, gives hope, that, Ghana in its weakest sense can stand strong with time and the right education.

Strategic Planning: The Political Solution To Educational Lapses In Ghana

Ghana can be strong if we have a “whole nation health check “, where problems are Identified and diagnosis issued in strategic plans with legal supports to prevent the total National vision from always being overthrown by short-minded Party Manifestos.

The strength in a nation’s climb to the top is visible in its strategic vision and what pragmatic steps are taken to reach the destination set in its plan.

Ghana in its real sense is sick of what I call “strategic ulcer”. We just can’t hold to any strategic plan we set in any sector or section of our country, they always fall off our path, prevented stay, by the ulcer that disparages our mental power and will, to focus on what is spiritually, emotionally, physically and sensibly good for the Ghanaian citizen.

Until our Nation rises to the level where people at the post or in political offices think of the Citizens as strategic Customers and therefore have to provide services as if needed for progress, we would always be at a standstill, held by the prognosis “tomorrow may be better”.

Strategic Planning: The Political Solution To Educational Lapses In Ghana

What has become of our various Education Strategic Plans (ESP) said to have been “prepared following the view that strategic planning is a continuous developmental process” (Education Strategic Plan 2010 – 2020 page. 6).

There has not been continuity, neither has there been development in our education to a large extent.  Our educational system is currently the “Seasonal system”. Every political party comes with a new season and keeps expanding the movie with Episodes.

What is the need for our pride when we always achieve short-minded manifesto promises which are quixotic? We always fail to inculcate it in our strategic plan or vision? The question is, do we actually have a vision or we just appear to have one.

Professor P. L. O. Lumumba once Said, Corruption fighting agencies in Africa are only expected to appear fighting Corruption but not fight it.

Ghana from a similar perspective acts as if it has a strategic goal for education but in the actual sense only has a downgraded prototype of an actual.

We have positive-minded technocrats in our nation, the likes of educationist and thinker Grant Bulmuo and others including Patrick Awuah and many others.

What attempt have we made as a nation to engage them in formulating impervious Educational Strategic Plans that can stand the test of time?

Strategic Planning: The Political Solution To Educational Lapses In Ghana

Is it true that our nation is going to leave such “Educational Mental Banks” to go without taking loads of ideas from them?

Idea loans we can consider paid, when we start chopping the successes of development and metal liberation toward total national literacy and quality human capital.

COVID 19 has just exposed how naked our educational system and strategic plans are.

There must be a robust educational plan for our country, and it must be now. Let’s not wait for another Pandemic to start thinking into the future.



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