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Teacher Kojo Before GES Disciplinary Committee

Teacher Kojo Before GES Disciplinary Committee

Over the few weeks, Teacher Kojo has been pushing an agenda that is demanding the fixing of the Ghana Education Service (GES). Which is really heartening. Students learning under trees, no computers, no textbooks, no desk or chairs for students to sit on. The system is just in jeopardy.

This really raised concern on the part of the GES. They summoned him for acts they claim are indisciplined and for breaking some codes of ethics and conduct.

Teacher Kojo on his Facebook wall narrated vividly what transpired when he appeared before the disciplinarian.
Upon going, he dressed like a chief priest.

He narrated:

So I arrived at the hall (where the meeting was going to take place) and knocked on their office around 10:50 am for which the meeting was to start at 11 am.
Upon entering, their first glance at me was a bit funny, they looked somewhat scared.

They answered, ”yes….”
I replied, “I have been summoned here”.
It was then that they realized who I was. They told me to wait outside a little, of which they will call me back. (maybe erasing the first scariest glance from their eyes.)
They came to call me back and the meeting started somewhere around 11:20 am. Remember I was summoned by a “DISCIPLINARY” committee for which can’t even be on time in the first place. Indeed they are very “DISCIPLINED

Now, when I entered and was offered a seat, the first question from an unknown man claiming to be the “CHAIRMAN” of the committee was, ”But why are you in this attire?
Before I could say jack!, he quickly came up with another line saying “oh I’m not asking in a bad way but we know you are a teacher”.

I then asked him, “why that question? Am I in class, and what prevents a teacher from wearing this? Besides I’m on vacation.
Upon realizing he has shifted, he quickly came back with “okay, you let’s move to the reason why we called you.”

Mind you, the three main people (director, HR, Siso) who initiated this whole plot were not present at the meeting. I mean none of them!
For the SISO, I actually met him inside the first time I entered, but when they came to call me back, I never saw him inside or anywhere near the hall.

I was shocked. I saw only new faces, except for one man and the GNAT Rep.
Before he began talking, I put my two phones on the table, upon seeing the phones, he(chairman) thought I was going to record him so he quickly said, “errrrmmm… please everyone should turn off his/her phone in the room” He said that by raising his phone and putting it off for everyone to see, and he added, “Leadership by example”.

I smiled and also turned off my phone since I didn’t want that to distract the whole meeting.
He started by saying,
“We can settle this issue with you like father and son. Or if you do, we will deal with you as it should be!!!”
He mentioned the “father and son” scenario three times, thinking I would select that, but I said NO!!! Let’s use it the way it should go! (I said NO because, they knew we could settle this as Father and Son and they used their tactics to intimidate me and upon seeing that things were going to backfire, they are now finding ways to bury the issue.

Why were they “THREATENING” to block my salary?
Why did they say I should pay for the number of days I have absented myself from school to them?
Upon hearing that, he then started to “shout” by raining all kinds of accusations about me claiming to be having proof about.
I smiled all through since I saw every line of lie been read.

Let’s not forget that in the letter it was written that I have been summoned due to an “ALLEGED” PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT for which they did not even tackle or say anything about to me.
Immediately I said I don’t want the “Father and Son” kind of settlement, they went straight in…