Home Politics The 24hr economy proposal has sent NPP campaign into a tailspin – JM

The 24hr economy proposal has sent NPP campaign into a tailspin – JM

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The 24hr economy proposal has sent NPP campaign into a tailspin – JM

The overwhelming support for his 24-hour economy plan, according to opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama, has chilled the backbone of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

To live up to Ghanaians’ expectations, the NDC hosted a national policy dialogue at the Peduase Lodge on February 22 and 23. The purpose of the conference was to scrutinize the policy ideas, particularly the one on the 24-hour economy.

Speaking to the assembly on February 23, Mr Mahama took a hard stance against the NPP campaign team for disparaging him with his plan.

While some prominent NPP figures contend that the 24-hour economy is unclear, others maintain that it is already in place.


“The NPP campaign appears to have gone into a tailspin, leading to a frantic effort to attack it through calumny and disinformation in the last few days,” stated Mr Mahama in response to the 24-hour policy’s overwhelming acceptance.

“We are strengthened by the knowledge that the NPP’s days of believing they could manipulate Ghanaians with lies to win over votes are long gone, primarily due to their appalling performance in the last seven years since they were given control of our beloved country, Ghana.”

He claimed that even though Bawumia was an essential component of the cabinet, she was forced to make the same pledge because he vowed to shrink the size of his government if elected president.

“I note that my long-espoused pledges to substantially reduce the size of government by having much fewer Ministries, Ministers and appointees, abolish the payment of ex-gratia, scrap taxes like the e-levy and carry out far-reaching constitutional and governance reforms, have compelled my opponent to promise the same despite being front of centre of the poor governance under which all these ills have taken place. I mean business on my promises and intend to keep them.”

He further criticized the NPP flagbearer for attempting to absolve himself of the economic mess

“There is no room in leadership for excuse-making and flight from responsibility. You cannot make grandiose promises about the economy in 2016 only to be put in charge, run it down, push all of us into suffering and hardships and turn around to say you were only the mate of a reckless driver and, therefore, you should be excused from blame.”

The NDC flagbearer highlighted his performance when he was a vice president as against the current vice president, stressing that he has a record of taking responsibility, unlike Dr Bawumia.

“Not only do I have a much better and measurable performance record in both my role as Vice President and Head of the Economic Management Team, and later as President, than my leading contender in this year’s elections, I also have a record of taking responsibility. The same cannot be said of my opponent.”

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