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The African “Juju” Can Do Better

by Vesta Daily
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The African "Juju" Can Do Better

Why aren’t we surprised to see humans on our screens when they’re not directly behind the TV sets? Ah Oh! Come to think of a flying plane with no visible roads in the air, is quite a spectacle to challenge.

However, there’s everything wrong with our grandfathers who shake a calabash few times to see their grandsons appear in the water. Meanwhile, out aunties are also flying abroad on a broomstick.

I don’t see anything wrong with the two scenarios stated above. Just that one’s “juju” seems more attractive and appealing than the other.

I believe the African can do so much more with the powers of “juju”. If we have what it takes to rapture someone’s womb at the news of their pregnancy, why can’t we invent something that raptures diseases such as cancer instead?

If an African can mention a name, sprinkle powder in the air just to choke someone to death, why can’t we invent something that clears the air so that our asthmatic patients will freely breathe in the midst of smoke and dust?


If an African can look into someone’s future, discover their destiny and distort their purpose, why don’t you look into your nation’s future and be a problem solver?

The Western “juju” is attractive because I believe they have modernised our “colo” in order to appeal to us. Our black magic might be their inspiration to create something better. Yet, because we’re Blacks, we’ve allowed our complexion to cloud our sense of reasoning.

I believe our “juju” can do so much more if we channel it into an avenue of productivity.

The African “juju” is potent so must our inventions be. If we shake calabashes of water to only see loved ones, while the Whites can dial a contact for a video call, then we’ve failed our people because how long can we carry calabashes of water around?

Let’s not belittle the power that lies in us. This power doesn’t only belong in the shrines and scary places, they belong in the labs, schools, financial institutions and even our homes.

Our power shouldn’t scare us, it should empower us to make great inventions that the world can benefit from. I’m so disappointed because our “juju” is somewhat lazy. Oh what a lazy “juju”.

African “juju” must arise today. It can do great and mighty things.

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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