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The Best Way To Wear A Lapel Pin

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The Best Way To Wear A Lapel Pin

Your clothing might have the edge it needs to be a suave, refined ensemble by adding a lapel pin. If done correctly, it demonstrates your mastery of outfit coordination.

However, lapel pins might be difficult to use given their diminutive size. We have therefore created a handbook that addresses all of your concerns regarding lapel pin wear.


The boutonnière, the most formal of the men’s lapel pins, is a floral pin that can be constructed from a real flower and pin or from fabric; premium boutonnières are sometimes made from silk. These are typically worn at black-tie events, funerals, and weddings due to how formal they are.


For the modern male, the long-stem fashion pin is more on-trend. You’ll be able to find something you enjoy for any occasion thanks to the varied choice of styles. Metallic materials are used to create popular designs that are shaped like flowers, feathers, and animals. Each will be attached to the lapel with a long-stemmed pin.


Mini or badge pins can be a cute way to customize your attire. Similar to cufflinks, they come in a variety of styles; options include vintage pins, engraved badges, and precious stone pins.

The most straightforward lapel pins to use to give your clothing a unique and quirky touch are badges. The Original Monty Duffle Coat Pin Badge, which features our hero coat worn by General Montgomery during World War II, is one of the pin badges we offer. Additionally, Josh Parkin created a Love Pin Badge with a nostalgic aesthetic. Attach them with pins to your bag, jacket, or sweater.


So how do you wear a lapel pin with a suit? When it comes to pin placement, there is only one unbending rule: it must be on the left lapel. Possibly north of your pocket square, if you’re wearing one, and just under the point of your collar.

There are buttonholes created for this purpose on some suit jackets. If not, you can carefully penetrate the pin through the fabric if yours doesn’t. Just watch out that the fabric of your suit jacket doesn’t get caught or fray!


You may wear a lapel pin on your tie if you are not wearing a jacket but are donning a tie. The lapel pin should be positioned near the middle of the tie in this situation. However, it is usually advisable to put your jacket on the left placket rather than any other place if you are wearing one.


You can wear the lapel pin on a dress shirt if you are not wearing a jacket or a tie. This can be placed where the lapel would typically go on the left side of the garment, close to the heart.


You might hang it on your coat to display your lapel pins more frequently. Badges or small pins are frequently used as coat pins for everyday clothing. The left lapel of the majority of finer, more formal coats will have a buttonhole. If not, you might pin these to the left lapel or collar to add some personality to your outerwear ensemble.

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