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The King Of Dahomey Who Was Never Defeated In Any War

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The King Of Dahomey Who Was Never Defeated In Any War

Meet Togbi Kundo Hossu Bowelle Behanzin, the King of Dahomey who was never defeated in any war.

Togbui Kundo/Kondo, a Fon-Ewe warrior king, is regarded as one of the most successful, powerful, and revered politico-military and spiritual personalities. He is believed to be the most famous king of ancient Dahomey(Benin).

Kundo was considered the eleventh King of Dahomey, ruled from 1889 to 1894.

Believed to have possessed mystical spiritual powers, Kundo’s army was rarely defeated by their rival West African neighbors or by European forces.


He is said to be the brain behind many of the Fon-Ewe victories over their enemies in Dahomey, especially against the French.

Some sources indicate that he sometimes did not go to the battlefront personally, but rather commanded his army from the shrine associated with the adzogbo deity, Adzo.

Virgins of the shrine were pre-adolescents of both sexes who served as media of communication between the priest and the deity. These virgins became possessed by adzogbo and danced and sang messages to their commander Togbi Kundo, who in turn interprets the messages for his army

During the war, the “virgins of the shrine” revealed battlefield situations to Kundo.

According to historical narratives, Torgbui Kundo was never really conquered by his enemies at war. Indigenous oral stories differ on what actually led to the warrior’s demise.

Oral narratives indicate that his wife revealed his most powerful secret that “his magic and spiritual powers would desert him or become impotent or powerless if a woman’s undergarment touches him or was held before him.”

Other popular historical narratives indicate that Europeans (probably the French) kidnapped him while signing one of the numerous treaties.

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