Home News The National Cathedral’s Board Of Trustees Kicks Off A Three-Day Fundraising Event

The National Cathedral’s Board Of Trustees Kicks Off A Three-Day Fundraising Event

by Vesta Daily
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The National Cathedral's Board Of Trustees Kicks Off A Three-Day Fundraising Event

The Board of Trustees of the project has started a three-day Bible reading marathon and sacred worship service with the goal of seeking God’s face to ensure the Cathedral is finished as part of efforts to raise support for the building of the National Cathedral.

The three-day event, according to the Board of Trustees, is intended to raise awareness of the project and introduce the Ghanaian style of worship and Bible reading to foreign visitors who are in the nation for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, used his speech to plea to Ghanaians to support the building of the National Cathedral at the beginning of the Bible reading session at the National Cathedral grounds.

While they are visiting for the holidays, the African Diaspora should be introduced to the authentic Ghanaian Christian way of worship, according to the former head of the Church of Pentecost.

Because of the vibrancy of its worship, one of the distinctive features of Ghanaian and African Christianity, it is also conceived as a project to introduce the African Diaspora to authentic Ghanaian Christian worship. One of the main things that happen in temples, cathedrals, and basilicas is the reading of the Bible by some members of the African Diaspora.

The exercise kicks off one of the National Cathedral’s primary events. He continued, “We will work with the Ghana Tourism Authority and Beyond the Return Secretariat to ensure the active and sufficient participation of the African Diaspora.”

The exercise’s overall goal, according to Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, is to ensure that everyone accepts and supports the project in order for it to be completed.
In the end, it will also be a way to solicit support for the National Cathedral project from the Diaspora. We hope that the Bible reading and worship service will help us all understand the significance of the National Cathedral project and rally behind it wholeheartedly.

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