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The NDC vehemently opposes the removal of indelible ink -Yayra Koku

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The NDC vehemently opposes the removal of indelible ink -Yayra Koku

Identification (the use of Indelible Ink on a person’s finger) and verification (the use of BVDs) are two distinct processes that cannot be substituted for one another.

The Biometric Verification Device (BVD) used in Ghana’s election asks the question, “Are you the One?” That is, to determine whether or not you are the true owner of the voter ID card and whether or not your name is on the voter registration list.

The indelible ink on the finger identifies (PHYSICALLY) who has and has not voted. Because manual verification is permitted in our electoral process, a dishonest EC official may choose not to use the BVD for verification while still allowing someone to vote. In this case, how can a voter be identified if there is no indelible ink on the finger?

The removal of indelible ink is simply a means of allowing criminals to operate freely in our elections. The NDC vehemently opposes any effort to prohibit the use of permanent indelible ink on voters throughout the 2024 electoral process.

Note: I will expose the flaw in the current BVD and explain why it cannot be used to replace the indelible ink in my subsequent article.

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