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The Offence Of A Carpenter Designing His Works With The Coat Of Arms Without Authorization

The Offence Of A Carpenter Designing His Works With The Coat Of Arms Without Authorization

There has been a picture of a furniture shop with the design of the National Coat of Arms on its furniture. Meanwhile, it’s an offence for one to design and work with the Coat of Arms without authorization.

For this, A Plus hasn’t kept mute about. He wrote:

“This was displayed in a furniture shop in Accra. Who authorised it? And why was it displayed there? And why does a furniture shop has the coat of arms displayed all over the place? I thought the coat of arms is the symbol of the authority of our state? Under the FLAG AND ARMS PROTECTION ACT, 1959 NO. 61;

(1) A person shall not use, without the licence of the Minister, the design of the Flag or of the Coat of Arms or a part of the Flag.

(2) A licence under subsection (1) shall be given for a special time or purpose on the conditions
imposed by the Minister.

(3) The licence may be revoked by the Minister for stated reasons.

(4) This section does not restrict the display of the flag on a public holiday or on a day proclaimed as
a festive occasion.

2. Penalties:

(1) A person who contravenes a provision of this Act commits an offence and is liable on summary
conviction to a fine not exceeding fifty penalty units.

(2) Where the design is used on or in connection with goods, the fine shall be increased by an
an additional amount equal to the retail value of the goods sold, or otherwise disposed of by the offender before conviction under this Act.

(3) The goods in the possession of the offender bearing or marked with the design are liable to confiscation.

(4) Where the retail value of the goods or otherwise disposed of is not determined, the fine imposed under subsection (1) shall be increased by a sum of the money equivalent to one hundred penalty units.

Leaders will sell this country to foreigners like Hassan for coins. If this furniture shop belongs to one Ayigbe, Tani or one Ashanti man, national security will be chasing him like Winneba people chase a deer during Aboakyere festival.