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The Phone Can Do Much More

by Vesta Daily
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The Phone Can Do Much More

The essence of technology is to make life easy. However, it’s become more complicated for us. Many of us buy very expensive phones of which features we cannot utilize our own benefit. What’s more? We’ve become chronic liars.

Some of us can’t simply tell where we are or what we’re doing when asked. In addition, this simple device has ruined many great relationships the world would have been proud of. Unfortunately, we haven’t realised the harm it’s causing this generation.
Our phones can do similarly amazing things like our PCs yet we have reduced it’s the essence to a social media device.

A lot of people are enthused about posting pictures, liking and commenting on irrelevant things rather than committing to a long-lasting goal.
If you didn’t know, every channel you subscribe to puts some money in someone else’s pocket. This means, others make money while sleeping meanwhile, you have to stay awake for countless hours to make earns meet. Doesn’t that bother you?

Today, you don’t need to step into the classroom to acquire relevant knowledge. The world is in your hands, so utilize it. Whatever you went to school to acquire has very little impact on your career. What’s left with you is its defence.

Mind you, we don’t know who you are or the schools you attended until you speak. If you’re waiting to step into the classroom to acquire knowledge when you have the world’s knowledge in your hand – the phone, then you’ve failed.


One thing you’re also oblivious about is the simple quote “if I have more knowledge than you do, I can rule you”. Even the Bible makes it simpler – “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
I ask one question…do you want to be free or bound?

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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