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The Sacred Bell Of The Katanga Hall Has Been Named As Katanga Bulldog

The Sacred Bell Of The Katanga Hall Has Been Named As Katanga Bulldog

The Traditional Council has named the Katanga Sacred Bell after the late Fellow, Shadrach Owusu popularly known as Bulldog. This is the bell they use during their hall traditions as well as their Jama sessions.

The Sacred Bell will be officially known as “KATANGA BULLDOG”

What you need to know about the Katanga Hall.
The University Hall was called to honour the Kumasi College of Technology’s promotion to full university status on August 22, 1961. It was a male-only Hall. The main hall has 198 rooms (excluding flats), while the annex has 95. It is commonly referred to as “KATANGA.”

Facilities include a games room, a gym, a chapel, an Internet cafe, a mini-store, a communication centre, a barbershop, a kitchen that serves food, and so on. Katanga has an incredibly popular Junior Common Room.

How University Hall Got Its Name KATANGA

Many people believe Katanga is the true name of KNUST’s first all-male hall. The hall’s official name is The University Hall, and it first opened on January 19, 1963. Let’s take a ride down memory lane and find out how the hall got its name, Katanga.

The Congo crisis was at its apex at the time the hall opened. Katanga, a province of Congo, was attempting to secede from the newly independent state. The province believed it was responsible for more than half of Congo’s revenue and therefore needed to be independent.

As a result, the first students of the University Hall called the building KATANGA after the rich mineral resources of the Katanga province. This was an effort to depict the hall’s affluent character in terms of its tenants and graduates.

However, there has been a misunderstanding over the years that the Katanga name was chosen as an influence from the province’s rebellious existence. This is due to the participation of a few fellows in scandalous activities on and off the KNUST campus.