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They Drove Me Away From The Church Because I Was Divorced; Untold Stories Of Kathryn Kuhlman

They Drove Me Away From The Church Because I Was Divorced; Untold Stories Of Kathryn Kuhlman

On one occasion, Kathryn Kuhlman was preaching in a church and someone informed the pastor that she was divorced which led the pastor to walk up to the front and grab the microphone from her and apologise to the crowd for having a “false prophet” preaching, she was escorted by the ushers out of the church and ran off the town. SHE WEPT!

On a rare occasion where Kathryn would address her past she made this comment about her peers during her crisis. “… You know sometimes it’s a thousand times easier to die physically than to keep on living. You see, the Lord forgives, but people don’t.

They’ll drive it in, and they’ll drive it in, and they’ll drive it in, and they’ll drive it in. And they’ll pierce your heart, and they’ll pierce it clear through.

Kathryn Kuhlman Died! This was her popular phrase, she would go on to say, it was the price she paid for the glory.

Kathryn remembers vividly the days she died and carried God’s glory.
It’s much easier to die than to live, death to the flesh and the opinions of this world, that very day at the end of that dead-end street is when I died at four, on a Saturday afternoon.
Today, I feel it was part of God’s perfect will for my life.”

For Kathryn Kuhlman, Her greatest anointing began to manifest from 49-59 years.
In those days, she walked past people and they collapsed to the floor because of the heavy presence of the Holyspirit she carried. Healings and strange miracles, never before recorded accompanied her ministry till death.
Even though Kathryn Kuhlman was out of public ministry for almost 8 years, When she hit the platform again, the glory of the latter house surpassed the former.

Suddenly all the churches that attacked her because of her divorce, opened their arms wide like they weren’t the ones that almost drove her into suicide.
The anointing was always there. All it needed was activation and constant use. God’s grace is irreversible. He does not change His mind about what He gives, He’s not two-faced. Your perspective or mindset about Him may change, but he does not.
So many have may have left the ministry because of one thing or the other, you may have stopped pastoring, holding meetings or whatever form of ministry because of pressures, financial, marital or personal issues, but know that God uses these pressures to bring out His best in us.

Apostle Paul says; we are pressed on every side but not crushed, cast down but not destroyed. The promise always comes after the process.
From Kathryn’s example, We have learnt that no one is far too gone, no one is out of God’s use, and instead of driving the word of God against people that are under pressure, let’s help them heal. Let’s get them back on track. Handle that brother or sister with care. God does not just want some individual spiritual giants, He wants to build His body! God is not just interested in your denomination, He wants to build His Church!

As everyone left the auditorium, Kathryn walked quietly to the end of the stage. She raised her head and slowly scanned the balcony as if she was gazing at every seat. It seemed like an eternity. Then, Kathryn dropped her gaze to the second balcony, following every row and every seat with her eyes. Then, she looked at the ground floor, studying every seat.35

We can only imagine what was going through Kathryn’s mind, the memories, the victories, the healings, the laughter, and the tears. Was it possible that Kathryn knew she would never return to the platform? Was it possible that, at that moment, she said goodbye to her earthly ministry?
In just a little over three weeks from that November date, Kathryn passed on into glory in the Hillcrest Medical Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma, after open-heart surgery.