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Two Persons Injured As Gun Shots Fired At Awutu-Senya East

Two Persons Injured As Gun Shots Fired At Awutu-Senya East

Election processes have been distorted as a result of gun shots fired at electorates who were peacefully casting their votes in the Central region, precisely Awutu-Senya East.

According to reports, the NDC parliamentary candidate was at the scene when a vehicle parked around the polling station and started firing shots. Fortunately, he did not sustain any wounds but two voters did. The injured persons are currently receiving treatment.

This incident has halted the voting processes as many people fled to save their lives. As it stands, election is on hold as polling station agents and Officers try to tidy up and reorganize themselves to resume election sooner than later.

It was earlier reported that the constituency already has some underlining issues associated with vigilantism and have nothing to do with election or politics. This might be the reason for their persistent act of violence towards one another.

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