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Update On The Twins And Their Mother

Update On The Twins And Their Mother

I’m happy to report that the twins, Seyram and Sefakor, and their mother, Mma Abiba, are out of the market.

Mma Abiba, who hails from Cape Coast, says she left her hometown to Accra in search of greener pastures, but life hasn’t been easy for her and her five children. She had two children and two sets of twins, making six, but she lost one of them.

Four of the children are with her here in Accra while one lives with her (Abiba’s) mother in Cape Coast.

The man who fathered all the children lives away from the children and hardly supports them.

If she missed a day selling water in the market, the family risked starving. Through your kind donations, we have stocked their home with enough food so she doesn’t have to go to the market with the children strapped to her back to sell water in order to survive.

A team visited their home in Ablekuma, assessed the area and have had discussion with her on what viable business she can engage in going forward. They also assessed the needs of the family and here are some of the main and pressing ones:

1. Rent (which is due in two months)
2. School fees of the children
3. Abed, mattress and three student-mattresses
4. A container shop for her business
5. Goods to stock the shop for her trading
6. Two ceiling fans
7. Their feeding

Donations are being received to be able to provide for their immediate needs and set them up.

She welcomed the idea of family planning so that she doesn’t give birth to more children. In that regard, she’s being counselled on the different methods available.

In due course, it will be published, how much has been raised and what has been spent in setting her up.

If you are touched to support this initiative, kindly send your donation to mobile money to the following MTN numbers:
Obeng Irene: 0547 260 646
Abigail Awuni: 0247 951 118
Kindly remember to add the Reference: Mma Abiba

Obeng Irene, Abigail Awuni, Mabel Aku Baneseh and Manasseh Azure Awuni are the ones coordinating this initiative.