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Tourist Attacked By A Crocodile At Ave-Dakpa

Video: Tourist Attacked By A Crocodile At Ave-Dakpa

A female tourist got attacked by a crocodile at Ave-Dakpa in the Volta region of Ghana.

There’s a video going viral on how a tourist was attacked by a crocodile. Whether the video is of today or last year can’t be told, but it’s content is still fresh and raises concerns.

This very video of the crocodile attacking the tourist was shared by Richard Sky, a Facebook user, on his handle.

In the video, a tourist guard was seen directing the crocodile from its pond to a position where the tourist can get closer to, by enticing it with a live foul. A short while, a middle aged man got closer, sat on it and took pictures. With joy, he called few of his relatives around to join him take the pictures, still sitting on the reptile. Later on, a young lady who’s face wasn’t clear in the video decided to join them. She got closer and decided to touch the crocodile, which she did. Immediately, the crocodile turned its head and bit her.

We all have seen videos of crocodiles bitting. They bit with their teeth cutting deep into the flesh and hardly let’s go.

One question that has kept Facebook users asking is why the crocodile wasn’t fed before those tourist were allowed to take pictures with? Who’s carelessness was it, the tourist guard or the female tourist.

This incident happened at a crocodile pond in Ave-Dakpa, in the Volta region of Ghana

Below is what Richard Sky wrote, in posting the video on his wall.

“I just received this video and I am unhappy. I don’t know how old it is but it is very disturbing: An alligator (or is it a crocodile?) attacked a local tourist on the bank of a pond/river at Ave-Dakpa. Time to put in place proper protocols to protect both the reptiles & tourists.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourist Board must take bold steps to end the culture that allows tourists to sit on these large reptiles! I may be wrong, and although this might be an isolated issue, these resptiles may not always be in a good mood. Speedy recovery to the victim.”

Indeed, proper protocols need to be put in place to ensure the safety of all tourist.
The Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourist Board must put an end to these ritual of tourist taking pictures by sitting on these wild reptiles. They being tamed by the tour guards still doesn’t ensure safe grounds for tourists to sit on.
This video or incident should be used to correct some petty mistakes when it comes to tourist and tourism.

Below is the link to the video, you can have a view. Viewer description is advised.