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Volta Chiefs Blast NDC, Ignore Those False Reportage - Asogli State Council

Volta Chiefs Blast NDC, Ignore Those False Reportage – Asogli State Council

The Asogli State Council has released a press statement which has to do with fake news being spread.

Within the space of one week, two stories were published, which read, “Volta Chiefs Blast Opposition NDC” and “Announcement to all Voltarians”.

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In the first publication, it had Togbe Afede XIV’s picture at the top, accusing and blaming the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC), for the poor level of development in the region over the years.

It further reported, “We the chiefs and the people of the region are saying that we are tired of voting for the NDC. The propaganda in the NDC is too much. We shall change our way of voting come December 7th”.

The second publication also read, “Announcement to all Voltarians from the Asogli State, his Royal Highness Togbe Afede. We have since 1992 supported the NDC because it was founded by one of our own, His Excellency Flt Lt JJ Rawlings. Because he’s our blood, brother and a renowned personality from our land. We supported the NDC through thick and thin and still continue to support them, even though this loyalty has not been replicated in terms of infrastructure projects, jobs and investments to our region.”


It was emphasized that Togbe has nothing to do with the two publications, which are obviously the work of mischievous people and that should be ignored.