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We Don't Have Water - Ghana Fire Service

We Don’t Have Water – Ghana Fire Service

One of the incidents that bring financial loss, increase inflation and frustrates the citizens and victims is the incidents of a fire outbreak. Over the years, fire outbreak has been one of the nation’s crisis. Makola market has been burnt down today July 3, 2021.

The fire burnt down some parts of the market and shops. Owners of the burnt shops expressed their grief and loss with so much pain in them to the media channels who came to the scene to gather information.

The owners of the burnt shops blamed the Ghana Fire Service for their loss. In a conversation with one of the victims of the fire outbreak, he disclosed to the media that, when they came to meet the market and their shops burning and called the Ghana Fire Service, they were informed that “there is no water.

The man whose shop had burnt down added that the leaders of the country don’t care about their citizens and those in various government positions to are not performing their duties as expected of them.

Another woman whom the media channels also interviewed disclosed that the loss of her madam’s shops will affect her and her boss. She stated that her madam owns four shops in Makola with fully restocked goods that have been burnt down.
She was really saddened and heartbroken when she was speaking to the media.

The majority of the people present at the scene blamed the Ghana Fire Service for not being committed to their job and also accused the government of not ruling their system appropriately.

The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Fire Service, Ellis Robinson Okoe disclosed to the media channels that “We lack equipment”.

He stated that the Ghana Fire Service lacks equipment that is used to stop fire outbreak or quench fires. He made known to the general public that, there are only two turntable ladder fire trucks in Ghana and that’s the main reason why they can’t help when there’s a fire outbreak on storey buildings.

Many properties and goods have been burnt down. A great financial loss to the state.

The PRO further concluded that the Ghana Fire Service couldn’t rescue the market because they lacked water at the time the incident occurred.