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We Need Major Prophets To Speak Against The False Prophets Not The Police – Apostle General Sam Korankye-Ankrah

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We Need Major Prophets To Speak Against The False Prophets Not The Police - Apostle General Sam Krankye-Ankrah

The founder and general overseer of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Apostle General Sam Korankye-Ankrah, has given his view on the recent happenings on the doom prophecy that was made public.

He began by saying, “In our days we need a Prophet to speak against false prophets, not the police arresting them. It is not the duty of the police to check false prophets, it is the duty of senior prophets, and I challenge my other prophets to speak out.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Now the police is the one doing our work for us. When I started speaking against them, there was confusion all over the place. Today I have been vindicated by the spirit of God.”

He again added the requirements the police are demanding after a doom prophecy of death is made public regarding anyone.


“Police says when you are prophesying that someone is going to die, it’s okay, they won’t argue with you, but as for them they only need evidence. Show them where the death will take place, the method to be used in the killing, whether by gun or by poisoning, as well as the day and time. Because their duty is to protect. So if your God has revealed it to you, he should be able to redeem it, and we need your information to redeem it. He said

Sam Korankye-Ankrah questioned his congregation on their thought regarding the requirements from the police.
“How many of you think the police asked too much? They didn’t ask too much. What they asked was perfect.
If God spoke to you, then he should be able to reveal all the things we’re looking for.

So Apostle General I stood here and I said, “the prophecy of the person’s death could be true, but you don’t need to be at a radio station saying that, because:
1. The person is not a member of your church.
2. He hasn’t solicited prophecy from you.
3. You can collect his telephone number from the producers of that radio station and call him to know what the Lord has revealed to you. So speak to your pastor when you go to church on Sunday for him to pray with you.

This is the way to handle such prophecies. You don’t go and stand on the radio and say it. It’s ego and showmanship. You’ll be disgraced and sleep in prison.”

He as well showed his interest in joining the police force after he retires at the age of 70. “When I retire at the age of 70, I’ll join the police force. “Dumdum kania” and “Kaka piopio” prophets, I’ll arrest all of them.”

Sometimes when I see the behaviour of these people, I regret that I’m a member of the fraternity. He concluded.

Author: kwameDoh

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