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What Is A Twins Pot "Evezi"?

What Is A Twins Pot “Evezi”?

The use of the word “twins” will include any and all forms of multiple births pregnancy (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.)
Twins are considered sacred children, born with supernatural powers.

In the past, it was considered evil for a woman to give birth to multiple children in one pregnancy. But later it was concluded that these children were gifts from the creators to protect the family. To receive the blessings associated with their birth, a twins pot (Evezi) is created.

The twins’ pot consists of 2 drinking pots for the ones who brought them from the spiritual realm into their mother’s womb. The parents are responsible for making and maintaining the twins’ pot. If they are not able to, or neglect to do so the responsibility now falls to one of the twins, or the first child to follow the twins’ birth.
The pots represent a spiritual hiding place for the children. They dive into the pots and hide under the herbs, in doing this they are hidden in the spiritual realm to protect themselves from danger.

When the twins observe the rules of the twins’ pot, they do not need additional protection. Neglecting to do the twins pot or take care of it can have negative effects. The ones responsible for taking care of the twins’ pot can pray (make wishes) for themselves or other family members, as the twins’ pot also benefits them.

A few facts:
– The deity Venaga is the mother of twins.
– If one twin dies a doll must be made to represent the dead child. The doll should be kept by the living twin.
– The pots are different for same-sex twins (male & male or female & female) vs male & female twins.
– Two males are called Atsu and Etsey.
– Two females are called Eɣi (Ehxi) and Ɣetsa (Etsa).
– One male and female are called Atsu and Atsuƒui.