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What Some Men Think About Ladies Wig Caps

by Vesta Daily
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What Some Men Think About Ladies Wig Caps

Lately, weave ons and braids are gradually becoming a thing of the past as women are getting obsessed with wig caps.

These caps come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some of these wig caps can alter a woman’s look completely; so I took to the streets of Accra to hear what some men have to say about wig caps. Let’s find out…

Mohamed – the first deceiver of beauty. Honestly, wig is something I don’t really fancy but what puts me off is the colored ones. Natural hair rocks.

Seyram – It’s cool and saves time. She doesn’t have to be in the salon for 20hrs. So she can actually get to keep her natural hair which I love. Since she’s got lots of wigs, she doesn’t need to perm her hair.

Atanga – I’m ok with wigs once it doesn’t stink.

Dzifa – Wigs are unoriginal…some unexplained headache women encounter is as a result of the heat from the wigs they wear. Though this may sound superstitious but some wigs actually have spiritual implications.

Cephas – They’re good because they adorn the woman, provided it doesn’t take too much of her focus from her spiritual life.

Albert Blynkx – Some are nice and some smell. I’m not against the caps tho. It saves time and it’s fine. Ya all should buy nice ones and keep them near and smelling good. Stop killing us.

Sylvester – Wigs are beautiful, especially when our ladies put them on but I wish that every lady grows their own hair and make their own wig. There are health and spiritual complications also attached to wigs and I urge ladies to be extra careful about wigs.

Ladies, what’s your take on the comments above?

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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