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What’s Happening Is Atrocity And Murder – Idris Elba

by Vesta Daily
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What's Happening Is Atrocity And Murder - Idris Elba

Idris Elba is a versatile Hollywood actor and producer who has featured in many movies including Beast of no Nation, The Mountain Between Us and to mention a few.

Today, he joined the campaign in support of #EndSARS to encourage all African leaders to lend a hand to Nigeria. He said this is a way to show care and love towards them.

In a video he released a few hours ago, he said: “people should not be persecuted for protesting and basically murdered. I’m calling for the leaders of Africa to say something to the Nigerian leadership right now. We have to show them that we care”.

This message and many others have shown that Nigeria isn’t fighting this battle alone. The world has got their back.

Like President Nana Addo mostly says at the end of his address, we extend same words to our Nigerian brothers and sisters, “this too shall pass”.

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