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Where Are The Huge Rallies And Campaign Songs?
Where Are The Huge Rallies And Campaign Songs?

Where Are The Huge Rallies And Campaign Songs?

We are two months away from Ghana’s parliamentary and presidential election, but the atmosphere seems dry.

The excitement and aura the evolves out of the rallies and campaign trails that take place few months to elections can’t be felt.

This year really seems different. Where are the election or political “vhibes”?

General election creates the mood where political gurus are seen and heard campaigning and convincing the masses with their political phrases. Such as, “3y3 zu, 3y3 za”, “kukrudu”.

Where are the campaign songs?
Election rallies are always driven by campaign songs. This year finds itself to be different. Is it because of the COVID-19? Is it the lack of money to finance such songs?

Campaign songs literally carries the manifesto plans of political parties as well as convincing phrases for the masses. These are songs that citizens jam to, which as well ushers them to the Christmas festivities.

Where are the big rallies? 2016 at its latter part found itself with massive rallies from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The fire and the enthusiasm is not seen this time round?

Question that has found itself in the minds of people is, when are the politicians hitting the street to rally, or are they going virtual?