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Why Are all Those Teacher Kwadwo Helped Silent? - Jerry Akporhor

Why Are all Those Teacher Kwadwo Helped Silent? – Jerry Akporhor

Hon Jerry Akporhor is the Lead Educator of the Informed Teachers Network (ITN). ITN happens to be one of the fastest-growing teacher’s networks in Ghana.

He has shown great concern as to how all those who were beneficiaries of the kind gestures of Teacher Kwadwo are all silent with regards to the recent happens that has to do with his GES dismissal.

He wrote:

“Teacher Kwadwo ‘s case- a clear indication that the teacher is an orphan.
It’s been many days now since the news of his dismissal broke out.

We heard nothing from our teacher unions, not even the one he belongs to and pays dues to.
His colleagues on staff are quiet, murmuring amongst themselves.

The community within which he serves have left him to his fate despite all he has done.
The chief, the assembly member, the DCE, all of them.

The parents of the children he teaches are looking on unconcerned.
Other famous personalities with influence only showed solidarity on Social Media “we stand with Teacher Kwadwo” and went to sleep.

We all know he has other well-paying works he does and he’s contemplating stopping the teaching work so he can fully concentrate on them but he’s not expecting to stop the teaching work this way.

Though he has publicly declared that he is not returning to the classroom, I expected all these aforementioned people to at least show some concern.

The message is loud and clear. He who has ears, let them hear. The teacher cares for everyone but who cares for him? Nobody.
In the struggle for better education, If you win, you win for everyone. If you lose, you lose for yourself and your family.”