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Why ‘General Arts’ Is Trending On Twitter?

by Magdalene Abedi
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Why 'General Arts' Is Trending On Twitter?

Following a remark made by the Ashanti Regional Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Mr Alex Opoku Mensah, ‘General Arts’ has now overtaken Ghana’s Twitter trends.

The public servant who is under fire for verbally abusing a nurse at the Manhyia Hospital, where he was recorded on audio doing so.

The NSS director is heard on the incident’s audio recording insulting and threatening a nurse for reportedly intimidating his daughter, a house officer at the hospital.

In the recording, he is heard questioning the course the nurse read in school.


“Stupid idiot, tell them, I’m very happy you are here, you don’t respect, that the stupid nursing that you went to do. You are mad, that your General Arts that you went to do. If you did Science, you are a disappointed nurse, stupid foolish, foolish girl, you don’t respect.”

The nurse’s qualification remark, in which he allegedly referred to her as a General Arts student, has subsequently gained popularity on Twitter with the hashtag #GeneralArts.

On Twitter, upset General Arts students including famous people who read General Arts in school, have voiced their outrage at the NSS Director’s remark.

“General Arts Students Association of Ghana wounded by stray bullets fired by the Ashanti Region NSS Director,” a comment made by Ghanaian journalist, Saddick Adams.

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson also retorted to the statement made by the NSS Director, “So we that we did General Arts in St. Louis Sec School di33 beans.”

A Twitter User known as Francis-Xavier Sosu wrote, “Ah well. I proudly studied General Arts. Ended with Law and Economic Policy Management. This man is obviously suffering from ‘SUPERIORITY COMPLEX’. Pride kills.”

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