Home News Why Nana Konadu Broke Away From The NDC Deduced By A Facebook User

Why Nana Konadu Broke Away From The NDC Deduced By A Facebook User

by kwameDoh
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Why Nana Kunadu Broke From The NDC Deduced By A Facebook User

A Facebook user by name Airstar Xtel has expressed her view as to the main reason why Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings shifted from the NDC to form her own political party and being the flag bearer.

She deduced that the main reason may be her rival, Nath Yamb, who happens to be a running mate to one of Ivory Coast’s presidential candidates.

She continued to say, the main reason for the break and formation of a new party by the founders wife isn’t the cause John Dramani Mahama, as many perceived, but her rival, Nath Yamb.

This was the report Airstar Xtel made:

“If this is true, please I said if this is true … could this be the reason why Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings decided to form her own party to be a flag bearer just to prove to Rawlings that she is bigger than his ‘other’ woman? (I read this woman is the running mate for one of Ivory Coast’s presidential candidates) and he can openly declare that she is the most astute and intelligent mind he has ever come across like he said to his ‘other’ woman in the video.

And Ghanaians insulted John Mahama to be the reason for the break and formation of a new party by the founder’s wife. Is it not mind boggling that the founder’s wife broke away but Rawlings never denounced his NDC membership and their daughter is an MP under NDC.”

She added that, Mahama should be awarded Ghana’s strongest. Reason being that, he is the most insulted personality in Ghana and the only reason she’d want to see him win this presidential race is for him to rest from the unnecessary insults and trolls. Despite all the name calling, Mahama is still standing tall and intimidating. I love his strength.

She concluded by asking, “will Nana Konadu have the strength to continue the race or she naaaa she was just doing this for siege reasons?”

Author: kwameDoh

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