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Nogokpo Is A Place Of Justice – Fifi Kwetey

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Nogokpo Is A Place Of Justice – Fifi Kwetey

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey, a former member of parliament (MP) for Ketu South, claims that misconceptions exist about the infamous Nogokpo town’s nature and concepts.

A small village called Nogokpo is situated along the Trans-West African Coastal Highway in the Ketu South municipality of Ghana’s Volta Region. It is well known for being a good community with a significant presence of spiritual deities. As a result, when the name is mentioned, people often cringe.

However, the former Ketu South MP described such perception as an exaggeration in an interview with Rev. Erskine on the YLeaderboard Series broadcast on Y107.9FM’s “My Morning Radio Show.”

“I believe that Nogokpo is somewhat overstated by the public. People have this preconceived notion that it is a location where one goes to commit murder. however, not at all. In fact, it’s a place where, to put it this way, if you do anything wrong to someone, they’ll give you a chance to make it right. In the event that someone reports you for stealing their property, you will be given the chance to atone for your transgression and notify your family of the opportunity. But if you refuse, these things start to happen because you’ve made the decision to fulfil your own desires. I, therefore, refer to it as a place of justice,” he said.

Mr Kwetey went on to say that his perspective on life is ultimately based on the collective cultural heritage of the neighbourhood. He urged Africans in general, as well as Ghanaians, to uphold their traditions and values.

“In my opinion, I perfectly capture the spirit of my hometown. I stand up for the truth and fight for what is just. I believe that the degeneration we are currently witnessing in Africa would not have occurred had Africans been able to comprehend those founding principles a little bit better. The underlying motive behind all of these, in my opinion, is for Christianity to merely preside over our society’s total degeneration. a culture where the truth is no longer important. Whereas people pretend to know God, what they actually possess is nothing more than a form of godliness. That is the main cause of the issues this continent is facing, he continued.

Mr Kwetey served as Ghana’s minister of transportation from January 6, 2017, until the NDC under Mahama ceded power to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He had previously held a variety of government positions, starting as the deputy finance minister in the NDC administration at the time, which was led by Atta Mills. He later rose to the positions of a minister at the presidency and minister of food and agriculture under the most recent NDC administration.

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