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Why Sammy Gyamfi Was Not On UTV This Morning As Was Earlier Advertised

by Vesta Daily
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Why Sammy Gyamfi Was Not On UTV This Morning As Was Earlier Advertised

For those who may not understand why Sammy Gyamfi was not on UTV this morning as was earlier advertised, these are the facts surrounding what really transpired:


Sammy Gyamfi was invited for a program on UTV scheduled for today, Saturday, 18th July 2020. The initial agreement with the producer of the show was that they were going to host a studio discussion with him as a lawyer representing the NDC and another Lawyer from the NPP and other independent experts joining the conversation via zoom.

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He humbly requested the producer of the program to let him know who the representative of the NPP would be to enable him to confirm his availability for the program or delegate another Lawyer from the NDC to attend. It is for this reason that the program was advertised yesterday with his Picture as the guest of the show.

However, and quite strangely, he arrived at the studios of UTV this morning only to find out that he will be on set with an NPP representative, contrary to what he was told that the NPP rep and other independent experts will be joining the discussion via zoom. It is instructive to note, that the NPP rep on the show was neither a lawyer nor an expert and has a history and penchant for violent behavior on such shows.

Upon realizing this, he asked the producer of the show why he was not even informed about the change in the earlier arrangement that had been agreed upon. After failing to reach an understanding with the producer, he respectfully excused himself from the program without exchanging words with anyone. And the producer of the show apologized to him for the inconvenience caused.

I am compelled to state these facts because of the false statements attributed to the hostess of the program that he was not supposed to be the only guest on the show. It must be emphasized that no media house advertises only one studio guest for a program only to bring other panel members on the show. This is not done anywhere and UTV cannot dare try this with the NPP’s communication director.

Sadly, even when they knew Sammy Gyamfi had left, the hostess of the show still kept announcing to the public that he was in the make-up room preparing to come on set. The narrative was later skewed to mean he had walked out of the show, just to court public disaffection for him.

The professional thing the producer of the show should have done was to inform Sammy of the change in the original arrangement so he could elect to personally attend the program or assign another NDC communicator to attend the show, and not to ambush him with an NPP rep who has attempted to assault him on a similar show before.

I need to emphasize that Sammy Gyamfi takes no offense to what happened today. He, however, insists that he deserves to be treated with respect, a position I fully support.


Comrade Edem Agbana, Deputy National Youth Organizer, NDC

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